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IWAC Branding
January 3, 2018

IWAC (International Wisdom Advisory Committee)
Conqueror Design Awards - Award of Merit

IWAC is a virtual advisory body to provide knowledge and information necessary in the whole fields of society including economy and art, based on lots of experiences and insight of the elderly, and to create another knowledge through communication with many fields. IWAC’s symbol mark refers to ‘long experience and solid knowledge’. It was designed with the motifs of ‘human brain’ and ‘Ionia’ which is one of architectural styles of the ancient Greek temple. It means that long experience and wisdom of the aged are strong pillars to support this world.

(현재 프로젝트를 업데이트 중입니다.)



UNESCAP(유엔아시아태평양경제사회이사회), Arjo wiggins(아조위긴스)

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